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Welcome to Gosport Gang Show 2015 :


Schedule for Sunday 25th now available.

We're sorry that a few have a rather large break pre 1.40 pm - but we're afraid it cannot always be avoided (and get the sections that are needed rehearsed.) Bring something to do ! (Or practice your words quietly somewhere, small room opposite the Brod kitchen will be available.)

PLEASE BE ON TIME ! - You spoil it for others if you are not.

Here's hoping for a good a rehearsal as last Sunday !

Please use your printed rehearsal schedule lists to make notes - AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - bring a pen/pencil to rehersals !!! - needed for your own stage directions - slight changes to script etc.

The diary has been updated to include all known dates - including all the promotion events - and dates of Gang Show Camp. A new artical with more deatils on the Camp will be issued shortly, as will the outline for the Promo Events - when these updateds are issued the news page button will be revised - look out for it please.

Start lining up places to post up posters & banners - if you a have a prominant place or an idea let Angie know. We need to achieve great coverage throughout the whole region.

Box Office is open - go to link up to the left - let's see those tickets being sold !.

Please remember :

THE 'TENT' PROJECT' is not yet to target - But we are sure that there are many out there who have not filled your tent bag yet - please contact us through the web site if you would like your name and tent bag to be amoung the 'string of memories" - just 7 pictured here - only a fraction of total so far - still counting .... will post accurate numbers soon - and the promised page about the 'Tent Project'


We are constantly updating and hopefully improving this site if things don't work with us !
and drop us a note, via the contact page if you experience any problems or note an error - Cheers !


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